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David Bustle

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From the Desk of David Bustle

RE: Hitting your sales goals for GHL faster using the Sales Scripts method.

Dear Agency Owner,

So you got your fancy SAAS finally setup....

You spent months learning how to build funnels and workflows. You watched countless YouTube videos on operating an agency... and now you're ready to take on the world and rake in the profits.

Only one big problem.

You get some prospects... but their eyes glaze over when you give them a pitch.

You hear things like:

"Hit me up in a few months."

"We already do something like this."

"I already spent my budget this month."

Suddenly the embarrassment sets in... you're a marketing/advertising company... that can't actually get clients themselves.

The fear that you'll have to hide the lack of success from your spouse.

You're supposed to be the adviser to clients... not needing help yourself.

I get it. It's embarrassing. It's frustrating. It keeps you in a broke state.

Unless you do something about it.

The good news is that it's not hard to overcome.

If you'd like a thriving and flourishing agency that dramatically converts more prospects into sales and stops the tire kicker runaround, this message is certainly for you.

Do you want an agency that can walk into an opportunity and potentially walk out with a check THAT SAME DAY without all the haggle or runaround? An agency that allows you to wake up excited about a consistent flow of new deals and allows you to make a solid impact in the market.

Well, what if there was a method, a formula, a blueprint that, once learned could give you that very same business?

That could alter the course of your agency, which in turn could radically transform your profits, your lifestyle and set the course for your own life?

What if there was a system that you or your team could train with to learn to sell like the best of them out there.

How precious a resource would that be? I know how precious that would be... because I have that method, and today I want you to have it too.

I'm talking about Agency Armory's GHL Sales Scripts.

It's a revolutionary agency sales method that ensures you and your team has a proper sales system to close more deals selling agency services or SAAS. It gives you the perfect pitch with exactly what to say and how to guide prospects into customers, overcome any objection and ultimately flat out make more money.

As you'll see in just a bit...

GHL sales scripts is nothing at all like the common sales systems you may have been taught in the past.

(This one is specifically for Agencies by an Agency.)

It's NOT based on slick or sleezy sales tactics that leave you or your prospects feeling gross afterward.

Our method has them selling themselves.

It's the same method that I personally used to grow an agency to selling hundreds of clients in one of the most competitive and hardest to tap into niches out there... car dealerships. I've also used that same script in almost any niche you can think of from gyms, med spas, chiro, restaurants, beauty salons, retail stores and more. In fact, going from other niches felt like a walk in the park armed with this script.

Let me know if this sounds all TOO FAMILIAR in your life right now:

You're on zoom with a prospect pitching SAAS, or maybe you are in person trying to sign a client for your services.

You worked hard to get this appointment.

Maybe you spent some money on ads to get them there with you now.

You know they need what you have.

Sheesh just look at their web presence... they REALLY need your help.

  • Their website looks BAD. Their social could use some work.

  • They aren't asking for reviews or using a chat widget.

  • You could flood them with leads.

You think you've got exactly the right solution, so you dive in talking about all the cool features you offer and how you can help them with your whizzbang software, GHL.

Only... the client's eyes seem to glaze over as if they aren't paying attention.

Even though you can solve their issues... BAM! They throw up that big fat objection like:

"It sounds good. I've already spent my budget for the quarter though. Let's circle back then."

"Can you send me some references of other X companies you have dealt with before."

"It sounds too expensive for our budget."

"We already do this stuff."

"Well, you've sold me, but I've got to get approval from so and so."

Or one of my personal favorites, "It sounds pretty good. Send me over some information and I'll make a decision next week."

The ol' false hope. Couldn't they have just so said no, so you wouldn't waste time?

Dangit. You thought you had it in the bag. You know they NEED you. What gives?!

At least you've got another appointment coming up...

Well... only that one didn't sign either.

Another week goes by.

"Just landed a franchise! 15 new locations in one day! Boom!" You see from someone in the group.

A win... from someone else.

You check that person out. "What does that guy have that you don't?!" They have the same software. The same tools as you. You reach out to a few businesses and try to get some more appointments... not much luck.

You finally score a few more opportunities and have a few conversations with businesses... but none of them seem interested. Most just blew you off.

- One didn't have room in the budget.

- Another already was working with an agency.

- One already had a solution for what you do.

If you had been able to close all these customers that didn't sign, you could be sitting pretty right now.

No more worries.

NO more embarrassment.

It would have been a solid income had they just signed with you.

If only... you had closed them.

You find yourself looking at your stripe account. It's been empty except the few accounts you have. You feel like you are hanging by a thread.

Your spouse starts questioning the venture. "It's going to work; I've got several new leads and an appointment tomorrow!" You tell them reassuringly... Inside though... you feel like you are failing and letting them down.

The next day you get on a call and the person barely engages. They seem disinterested and get off quickly.

What gives!

Another appointment, "This sounds great! We could probably launch it in a few months!"

Great. The problem is you need a sale now... you've got freaking bills to pay.

Maybe I need just need a new niche or funnel.

Maybe, this stuff doesn't work.


I've got a question for you: How long has your account been flatlined like this?

Where was it a month ago?

How about the month before that?

Numbers don't lie and are a great tool to use to predict the future.

The good news... you can always change them.

But... It's not going to change magically on it's own.

If you want better results... you need a sales system in place.

The great Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Here's the deal... I think we can both agree that this stuff does work. There are plenty of Agencies making fortunes selling their services. You see it all the time in the groups.

What do they have that you don't?

The Big Dogs Have a Selling System.

They figured out that they needed a duplicatable sales process to turn their prospects into BUYERS.

There is a great quote:

If you don't have a system for selling, you are at the mercy of your buyer's system for buying."

Want to change it? Right now?

Are you tired of not closing deals for your agency?

Tired of getting blown off or the run around from prospects?

Most likely it's not an issue you can't conquer, you just need a few adjustments in your scripts.

You just need to learn the right things to say and how.

You see, nothing happens until a sale is made. It's what those folks celebrating in the group have mastered. It's what changed everything for me.

They've got the ability to convince a stranger to pull out their wallet and pay them.

Doesn't matter how great your GHL snapshot is. How awesome customer support is... if you can't close a sale in the first place, what does all that matter?

Sales is the LIFEBLOOD of your business.

Sales is actually a science. It's not too hard when you know the blueprint with what to say and how to say it.

Now... you could go out buy a bunch of sales books... try and take the methods there and apply them to the agency world.

You could go out there and call thousands of prospects and try to figure it out...


You could just get GHL Sales Scripts and learn from someone who sold a ridiculous amount of Agency Services over his career to hundreds of clients all over the US, and was their top sales rep for 7 years straight.

What if you could literally get access to the exact scripts and training THAT guy used?

What if you could know exactly what to say to get prospective customers excited to pull out their wallets and buy from you... right there?

What if you had that exact sales presentation. Their exact script. Their exact slides. Knew exactly how to overcome any objection thrown at you?

I'm the guy that has those resources... and I want to get you a copy of all of them.

Even if you're an introvert (like me) you can sell.

You don't have to be born with the gift of gab or be uber outgoing... like most people think.

You just need to learn what questions to ask.

How to dig deeper and learn to pick up on what your prospect is saying, then how to craft your pitch around that to help them solve their problems.

With the right formula and process... it's actually pretty straightforward and step by step.

How do I know this? Well I was once like you. Just thrown into the fire trying to make it work.

I had no script. I had no process. I had no system.

And... quite frankly the results spoke for themselves.

My account was flatlined too.

I stayed stagnant.



Sure, I'd pop a few clients here and there. But nothing to really be proud of.

Nothing that I was proud to share with my spouse.

Until one day I finally got fed up with the lack of results.

Too many days went by of hoping and praying.

Too many months went by of trial and error.

Too many lost opportunities that I could have already been set free had they just signed.

All those days of telling others "It's going really well!" when it really wasn't, had just added up too much to where I wasn't happy... and fed up with the grind.

I was tired of NOT signing deals.

I decided to finally do something about it.

I just HAD to make it work or give up and get a job.

Getting sales was the only way I'd make money, so I dove in and decided I was going to master the art and finally figure it out for once.

I went to seminars. I read books. I bought courses. None were geared towards selling agency services, so I took what I could and applied it. It took some serious trial and error before I saw solid sales. But, I stuck at it, and hammered my way through until I discovered what worked and what didn't. I developed my own system to sell with. Over the years it was honed time and time again. As I learned new stuff, I'd add it in and make it better and better.

It took forever, but what came out... was frankly, beautiful.

A powerful sales system that actually worked.

It got so good the other sales reps wanted to know what I was doing. I was offered roles as a sales trainer, at one agency, but I turned them down because I could make more selling and doing my own thing.

But... eventually when I started building my own team, I decided they needed to know what I could do. So they could sell like I did. So, I built my own training to walk them through my process step by step.

Instead of them struggling to close... I wanted them to learn to walk into an appointment and walk out with a check. Heck, the better they did... the more I would make. So I armed them to the teeth with my process. I created my own internal course to train my team with.

I want to make it available to you too for your agency.

GHL Sales Scripts is about you having the most essential part of your agency setup with a solid sales system.

I call it GHL Sales Scripts.

It will give you everything you need to become great at selling agency services. You'll have a training system. You'll have a sales presentation. You'll have scripts to make your presentation ridiculously effective.

You'll learn exactly what to say, and how to say it, to prospects to take them on a path to purchase.

The best part? You won't feel like a sleezy salesman either. Your prospects will actually enjoy the process and feel better knowing you afterward.

You'll have all the tools I personally used to build my agency and train my guys to do the same thing with.

Use it for yourself, or make it available for your team. Either way, you'll finally have the right tools to close more deals.

No more runaround.

You'll have the knowledge and skills to close deals for almost any product, in any market.

Skills and knowledge that no one can take away from you and you can apply for the rest of your life.

The question is, are you ready to step into that extraordinary vision and make it a reality?

If so, let me tell you what you get and what you get with GHL Sales Scripts and what it will do for you:

Inside GHL Sales Scripts You'll Get:


Most sales professionals don't have a real script that works. They get thrown into the fire without any idea of what to say... or how. They dive in immediately talking about all the wrong things and showing how their product can do all this stuff with their software and the tools it has and then wonder why prospect's eyes glaze over disinterested or they get the run around.

It's kinda like walking up to a girl in a bar and asking for marriage right away.

Silly analogy... but it's what most sales reps do. They walk right up to prospects and are like, I have all these great features... will you buy it?

You haven't built a relationship first. You haven't established the need. You haven't shown them how their challenges can be overcome with what you offer.

We do a different process designed to really get inside the conversation in our prospects heads first by diagnosing their struggles and challenges. Then we use what they tell us to craft a solution that fits exactly their problems... on the fly.

This script gives you the formula with the exact words to say in your presentation to take control of the conversation and get your prospects into the mode for buying from you.

This tells you their specific challenges and allows you to build a bridge between where they are and where they want to go with YOUR PRODUCT being the solution to get there.

It's a beautiful process that changed everything for my sales (and it will yours too).

Inside our membership course, you'll get our exact script, word for word, what we say to sell to potential clients.

  • You'll know what to say to build rapport when you first jump on a zoom call or walk in the door.

  • You'll learn how to take control of the meeting.

  • You'll learn what questions to ask to get your prospects engaged and selling themselves.

  • You'll learn how to present your solution in the right way for each prospect.

  • You'll learn how to ask for the business and overcome any objections.

GHL sales scripts is step by step, from start to finish on how to sell anyone the services your agency offers. It's extremely detailed all the way down from what to wear, to what to say when you first walk in to how exactly to ask for a check.

It will change everything for how you sell.

Imagine the relief of knowing the exact process of what to say to help you close m9ore deals.


Not only do you get the scripts... you also get video walk throughs of everything. It's far better to not only have the script... but to understand it at it's core level. That's why we shot videos on the whole process where we explain exactly why we are doing what we are doing and tell you exactly how to deliver the message correctly.

We share stories and hand hold you through each step.

We also give you a ton of strategies for selling like how to overcome your fears, prospect intel, cold calling, setting appointments, getting motivated and a ton more little tips and tricks to solve the worst sales troubleshooting issues. There are over 65 videos inside our portal to teach you everything you need to know!

Inside this video membership portal even has strategies that we haven't found in any other sales training course that we discovered the hard way... through trial and error actually in the trenches selling stuff.

We are always tweaking adjusting our processes and testing new strategies. As we go... we are also going to add to it with new lessons, training and scripts as we find new things that's working for us as well!


For those of you that like keynotes and PowerPoints... we are also giving you our keynote presentation so that you can use ours or craft your own presentation with. Use our slide pitchdeck, see what we show to clients and exactly how we pitch our solution.

You can use our graphics, sayings and strategies to craft your own presentation that fits what you offer!


Want some feedback on your pitch? With this program, you get a 30-minute session with David Bustle where you can pitch and get feedback.



Get instant access for only $397!

For a measly $397, you can get the exact presentation, training and scripts we use to train our sales guys. Learn the methodology we have used to close hundreds of high-ticket clients. It works there and it also works selling low ticket items as well like just a SAAS offering.

This will give you newfound sales powers that can help you close more deals selling your agency services. Grab the scripts, customize them to what you do and you'll be off the races.

This program is one of those purchases that can pay you back time and time again. It's an investment in yourself and your team to stop the lost deals and stop the runaround. You'll learn the strategies to get more sales.

Get GHL Sales Scripts and end the bad sales days for good.

Recap: What's Inside GHL Sales Scripts?

The Agency Services Sales Script & Training

Get the perfect sales script that will walk you through exactly what to say and how to lead prospects to buy your agency products. This script has been honed time and time again and has helped me personally close a ridiculous amount of sales over my career. This will help you stop ghosting clients and close more deals.

The Agency Services Presentation

Get the exact keynote presentation and video walkthroughs of our presentation we use to close hundreds of clients. You'll have a white label version you can brand to yourself and customize to fit what you sell.

The Sales Training Video Membership

It's not enough to learn what we say, it has just as much to do with HOW you say it. That's why we have included video trainings inside our membership area that hand holds you through the whole program. It's training start to finish that leaves no stone unturned. You'll learn sales tips, mindset training, objections and more! It's like have a sales trainer sharing everything they have learned over their career directly with you.

Objection Override

Not only do you learn our pitches and presentations, you'll also get access to our objection override training where we help you navigate the most common objections that are costing you deals. Learn why clients blow you off, give excuses and know exactly what to say to counteract them.

Call scripts to get appointments

Want to know how I set so many appointments with one of the hardest niches to crack? Inside GHL sales scripts, I also give you my personal call scripts for how I can create opportunity on demand.

Price: Only $397

Want to fast track your sales success?

Stop losing deals you could have closed.

Consider this: every deal you miss out on is another deal you could have closed with the right pitch and skills.

Another customer that could be paying you right now and for months to come. They are buying from someone, why not you? You just need the right presentation, scripts and sales skills. That's exactly what GHL Sales Scripts brings to the table. The exact scripts, presentations, training we used to teach our guys to get out there and crush.

You can get it too. Hit the button above and sign up today!

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